Employee Development Rethought – Bringing Horsepower (PS) from the Company on the Road

From Sladjana Pfrommer | 27. May 2020 | Reading time: 4 Minutes

We do not want managers in the company

Our company is growing rapidly and more and more colleagues are coming on board. We at Grenzlotsen are not organized hierarchically and deploy employees according to their strengths and interests. However, we often see employees who do not yet know their individual strengths and interests, or do not know how these traits can be best utilized within the company. And this is exactly where hidden potential may lay under the surface. We want to make these potentials and strengths visible, develop them, and bring them into the company in a meaningful way. To do so, we need people whose potential is to support others in their development and find the right role within the company. We have not found any training on the market that has met our requirements for this new mindset. Instead, most existing training in this field is tailored towards a more traditional, hierarchical manager role.

The PS developer, as we have named this position, brings out the full potential and strength of people in the company. Why do we attach so much importance to the development of people in border control? The answer is simple: We believe that the human being in the team and in the company is the success factor.


We share our concept of employee development to enable unlimited growth

Through our continued training program for PS developers, we enable ourselves and interested companies to actively shape the new working world. The PS developer views each employee individually and in a strength-oriented manner. By creating and fostering a diverse mindset with multiple strengths across teams, companies can maximize the profitability and effectiveness of their employees. Employees deployed according to their PS and interests are significantly more motivated and thus more productive. They recognize a sense of purpose in their work and feel connected to the company. This enables companies to place more trust in their employees and promotes autonomous working.


How does training as a PS developer work?

Our concept trains employees to discover and develop the potential and strengths of other colleagues. They benefit from comprehensive personality development instead of adhering to a strict, predefined blueprint. A large part of this is, for example, individual coaching and work on one’s own patterns and beliefs. Only by employing these methods on oneself first, can one learn to implement them across a team. Over time, PS developers become gradually prepared for this responsibility within the company. Further training is divided into the following four modules: Theory, Practical Exercises, Coaching, and Application. The training is carried out over a period of six months to allow enough time for personal reflection.


What does this bring to the company?

This concept revolutionizes previous training in this field. In training programs to become PS developers, the focus is consistently placed on strengths, interests, motivation, and needs. Thus, our PS developers are optimally prepared for their work. People in our company, and perhaps your company in the future, are prepared for continuous professional development. This enables higher job security for employees and allow them to further develop to their full potential. How common is it to hear dissatisfaction among managers today regarding their subordinate employees? This is in addition to the high levels of stress managers face already inherent to their positions of authority. Our new concept steers against this. We want everyone to feel comfortable in their roles.


And how does that fit into the corporate culture?

This concept was created thanks to our lived, innovative corporate culture. And it is precisely this culture that can serve as a model:

  • The role model for innovation: Identify needs in the company and on the market and rethink solutions.
  • A role model for implementation orientation: The idea was born and we started with the conception of a rough draft.
  • Model for lively new work: Strength and potential orientation as a lived component of a new corporate culture.
  • Model for flat hierarchies: Away from the classic appraisal interview, towards more individuality.
  • A role model for the courage to break new ground: Because it is precisely this courage that makes us successful.

The PS developer can be a building block in the development of such a corporate culture.


What is my conclusion about the PS developer?

Just as every employee is unique, so is our concept. We support each employee through our further training to recognize and develop his or her individual PS. In this way, we empower companies to identify and capitalize on the PS of their employees. For us, development knows no boundaries, and this is exactly what we convey through our concept. This approach allows for a new advent of employee development.

Workplace agility, corporate benefits, digitalization, employer branding, and home-office is nothing if it is not lived. It is lived by unique employees. And this is what our training is all about.

The first course starts in the summer – please contact us for further information!