Everything turned out differently than expected – Grenzlotsen exceed their own borders

From Janine Lampprecht | 19. March 2020 | Reading time: 2 Minutes

I would never have thought that

If I had been asked some time ago whether I would like to start a blog with Grenzlotsen, I would certainly have replied, “Absolutely not!”. But here I am and I now know to say, “Never say never.”

Furthermore, I would not have thought that in 2020, Grenzlotsen would have 12 colleague who, through ingenious teamwork, would ensure that we all would have more opportunities for further professional development. In this respect, we have already “blown up” our own borders a few times in the past. And the next step in expanding the borders of Grenzlotsen is just around the corner.


What is the next step for Grenzlotsen?

To let you in on a little secret, we want to continue to grow, and preferably beyond our (national) borders. More precisely, we want to expand internationally. We believe that master data topics are invaluable within other countries and especially for our customers in international locations. So, if you feel as we do and think this gap needs to be closed, feel free to contact us and become one of the first to join us in China, the USA, Brazil, or South Africa.

We simply always have interesting things to share about our view of things in the world of customs and labor, about divisions, about corporate development, and our social events. This is the reason for our new blog regarding our motto “Good things have to be shared!”

So, you may be curious about what else awaits us? To be honest, we do not know exactly. However, we do know that whatever comes, we will respond spontaneously and with agility.


Our Social event – a visit is welcome

On March 06, 2020, our first border controller social event took place at the Mauerwerk in Herrenberg. It takes place once a quarter for all Grenzlotsen members. Come and join us for delicious food, good drinks, and a fun evening! I am looking forward towards the next one, where hopefully we can enjoy the beer garden under clear, blue skies.