Are we a good match?

In our young company, many things run differently than you might know from a traditional employment relationship. That means:

  • We are a small and rapidly changing company. We try new things out, if they work for us they stick around for a while, if not we get rid of them.
  • It is part of our innovative culture of values ​​to always keep moving. Everyone is jointly responsible for this. In the best case you can implement an idea or a suggestion that you have by yourself.
  • You are really important to the progress of our company. You don’t just come to work. You will be able to take on a lot of responsibility if you want to. Responsibility means “no excuse”.
  • You have to be proactive and show initiative if you want to make a difference. Innovative ideas do not arise on their own. Nobody will ask you to address a topic.
  • You can’t expect the service, support, and infrastructure of a large company. Do you know a smarter solution, a better tool or know how the process can run more smoothly? Take it on.
  • We all work together, but we cultivate a high degree of personal responsibility. We are self-organized and think entrepreneurially.
  • Status, power or title do not count for you, it is important to you to make a difference and to be part of an innovative team.

We all have different demands on our work environment. After all, we spend a large part of our lives in it. It is worthwhile to be clear about your needs – what do you want from your future job? Think about it: Are you a good match for us?


Have a look, we are looking for co-creators and pioneers for our growth. You are also welcome to send us your initiative application.

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