Our pens go on a journey and overcome borders

From Tanja Balzer | 14. August 2020 | Reading time: 2 Minutes

New Logo – New Pens

We changed our logo this year and our “old” unused pens and notepads were therefore no longer used in our office. It is our personal concern that these materials are still used and available to other people. This is how we came across the initiative „Stiften stiften“. The initiative has set itself the task of providing education for African children, in hopes of a better life. In order to achieve the goal of an education, these children must possess basic writing materials. Stifte stiften helps makes this a reality. Thanks to donated school materials, recipient families now have more money available for food and other basic necessities.


Pens on the Road

In addition to helping make education possible, our unused pens and notepads have overcome boundaries, like us. We think the initiative Stifte stiften is doing a great job.
Our donated pens have become a metaphor for how we do business: overcome boundaries and pursue the transfer of knowledge.

As our pens have done, we continue to do. Overcoming national borders for our customers, by simplifying the cross-border movement of goods or the maintenance of master data. We support the overcoming of mental borders when it comes to taking new paths as an organization. And like our pens, we also ensure that knowledge is passed on.


For Boundless Possibilities

The guiding principle of our work: “Thinking without limits – because everything you imagine is possible” describes our way of thinking so aptly. And so, we are very happy that we can make education possible and bring joy to African children with our pens and notepads. We would like to thank the initiative Stifte stiften for their valuable and important work!

Do you have new or used school materials you would like to donate? 

Then take a look at: www.stifte-stiften.de