Hello. We are Grenzlotsen.

Our job is to help you overcome borders.

Grenzlotsen, where more then 12 people appreciate the value of cooperation.



Borders – a term with many facets and my passion

We help to simplify the cross-border movement of goods. Started as a sole proprietorship in 2013, we have grown into a company over the past few years. Our values include open and appreciative communication. I believe that teams belong together like a puzzle and complement each other. Everyone has the opportunity to try out and find their true strength with Grenzlotsen. A great team makes anything possible and at Grenzlotsen, we believe that people are more valuable that products.

Dream without limits – because everything you can imagine is possible!

If you consciously perceive your own limits, you will create a personal barrier. And sometimes we need that inner voice of courage within us, who boldly goes new ways – across borders. To show people the way to more courage and satisfaction, to develop their strengths, and to grow beyond themselves. I dedicate myself to this passion as a coach, author, and speaker.

If someone tells you: "THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE", always remember that: They are the limits of those behind you, not YOURS!
Janine Lampprecht, Entrepreneur