Knowledge must be shared so that it can multiply!

We impart knowledge sustainably and practically. Our areas are customs, export control, and preferences, as well as special seminars in organization, didactics, and management.
The classics "on-site"
Technical and special seminars on customs and organization
The new "online"
Short, interactive webinars for in between
Train the Trainer
“Dry” material conveyed in a fun and engaging manner
Content is King
Complex content, visually appealing, and simply explained

Grenzlotsen creates an experience with results

Take advantage of our expertise; with over 250 courses already taught
Concentrate on the essentials: Simply good
Experts in customs, export control, and pedagogy
Experience innovative concepts through business games, posters, and teaching material that is more than just digital
Individual coaching creates a personal event

What additional information do you need to learn regarding borders and/or customs?

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