How is your data reliability concerning customs tariff numbers, dual-use check, origin, etc.?

We check and ensure quality standards according to DIN ISO 2859-1.

Quality is not a matter of taste

Would you like an objective evaluation of your data quality?
Typically, there is a “feeling” about data quality in a given company that varies depending on who is being questioned. With random sample control, as outlined in DIN ISO 2859-1, it becomes objectifiable.

Furthermore, from the point of view of the authorities, the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), or Authorised Exporter (AE)is often referred to as an ICS (internal control system) and the four-eyes principle for monitoring quality. How do you fulfill the organizational requirements of the administration to avoid fines?

Our offer to you

  • Current data quality: Is your master data fit for digitalization and automation? We provide you with an overview by drawing and checking random samples supported by the system.
  • Continuous data checking: Would you like to ensure consistent quality in terms of an ICS? We can regularly carry out classifications and classifications in a sampling procedure based on DIN ISO 2859-1.
  • We will check data destined for the random sampling based on data sheets or valid documents. These can also be sent to us collectively and our “Zollradar” (customs radar) will then assign the correct documents to the articles.

We are supported by our AI master data software “Zollradar” (Customs radar). You can find more information here.

Would you like to objectively analyze your database in order to guarantee long term quality?

We look forward to having a conversation with you