Classification by experts and AI software

We do the work. Benefit from our technical know-how while you concentrate on your core business.

When should I begin?

Are you in need of revising a large amount of data in a very short period, but you simply lack the time and/or background knowledge?

Perhaps you have to clean up data due to an ERP conversion or implementation. We quickly provide a great number of resources to classify articles.

How is the installation of articles regulated in your company, do you have work instructions? Will you invest too much time in this process because internal know-how is missing? Have you considered the fact that outsourcing to experts is often cheaper in terms of process costs?

Our offer to you

  • We assume responsibility for your project in the preparation of your master data.
  • Our experience enables us to deliver exceptional quality in a short amount of time. Did you know that this can be even cheaper for you?
  • We take care of gathering information to classify and rank data correctly.

We are supported by our AI master data software “Zollradar” (customs radar).

How may we assist you, so that you have time for more important affairs?

We look forward to having a conversation with you