Does your reporting also consist of Post-Its?

We’ll give you an overview!

Always these annoying key performance indicators (KPI’s)

To keep an eye on costs, efficiency, and compliance, you need transparency. But how do you get an overview of customs and export control? How can you actually present competitive advantages with a key figure?

How do you find the core of a problem? What is the core of a problem when problems occur in the processing of imports or master data?

Do you have to develop and report key figures? Or are you overloaded with key figures that contribute little to controlling and monitoring your foreign trade activities?

Customers from medium-sized companies to large corporations approach us with similar questions.

Monitoring and controlling with key performance indicators

You keep the overview, recognize risks, and report to your boss in a targeted manner.

  • Organizational consulting and coaching: Together, we examine your process landscape and the possibilities of controlling it with key figures. What is important? How can I determine key figures with a manageable amount of effort? Are the recipients included? We systematically go through these and other questions with you and bring you to a standard report format.
  • Internal control system: Authorities are increasingly demanding effective internal control systems (ICS). We develop suitable KPIs for your company that enable valid statements to be made. Continuous or selective quality checks can be a part of this.
  • Seminar & E-Book “Reporting in Customs and Export Control“: provides you with basic knowledge and necessary recommendations. In combination with our e-book on the subject of key figures, you will be able to develop key figures and systems for yourself. In this way, you create the necessary transparency for yourself and your company. This will soon appear in our shop.


Are key performance indicators still a curse for you? We make a blessing out of it!

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