Take off with Grenzlotsen – Love at first click

Modified: 04-22-2021 Published: 06-30-2020

When I was looking for a new challenge and a possible position to start my career after finishing my studies, I became aware of the company Grenzlotsen. I was immediately struck by the unusual job advertisement. In contrast to many other companies, I felt directly addressed and was enthusiastic about the open way Grenzlotsen communicates with their applicants.

Even though I didn’t know much about the Grenzlotsen team at that time and had never dealt with customs before, I was directly hooked. I was sure that I could learn a lot from Grenzlotsen and grow beyond myself. The informal-yet-professional attitude, which was already visible in the job advertisement, also appealed to me and suggested a young and dynamic company.


The Application Process – Getting to Know Each Other at Eye Level

When you think of the hiring process, you directly associate it with rigid patterns and strict guidelines aimed at finding an employee who fits in the grid and perfectly matches the vacant position.

This is not how one could describe the application/hiring process with Grenzlotsen. Rather, the path was very uncomplicated, entertaining, and free of unnecessary stumbling blocks.

Grenzlotsen has chosen a new, innovative approach for the path from application to employment. Through several casual conversations, which allowed the opportunity to ask questions and bring my own opinion, I felt comfortable and sincerely appreciated. The interest taken in me, as a person and my experiences, built an immediate connection between myself and the Grenzlotsen team.

During the initial interview, it was apparent to me that task assignment is not a rigid process within the company. Rather, the focus is on finding a team member who has the right mindset, motivation, and willpower and fits into the team. Just as individuals mature and grow over time, so too do the tasks and requirements of everyday working life within the company.


Getting to Know Each Other – Become Part of the Team in a Relaxed and Causual way.

Anyone who has ever changed employers and been new to a company remembers the beginning of a new employment relationship and the first meeting with colleagues and superiors. For many, this getting to know each other is directly linked to the first day at work, which can quickly lead to an overload of new impressions and information.

The approach of getting to know one’s colleagues in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, even before the first day at work, convinced me directly. Because once the ice is broken, which occurred incredibly fast for the Grenzlotsen team and I, the last doubts are replaced by the anticipation of the first day at work.

Another aspect of the corporate culture of Grenzlotsen, which I was enthusiastic about right from the first meeting, was that there were no hierarchical differences between working students, employees, and management, and that there was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole team. I immediately had the impression that there is a strong sense of unity within the company and that everyone identifies with the Grenzlotsen brand.


Onboarding – More than Just Training

For many companies, the training of new employees is seen as a time-consuming, cost-intensive burden, which should be completed as quickly as possible and with minimal effort. But to generate sustainable success and growth, where more than knowledge and facts are transferred, a little more planning, time, and above all, patience, is required.

During my induction period, a structured yet flexible onboarding plan provided orientation during the first weeks at the company. The assignment of mentors, who took a lot of time to explain tasks and processes and were available around the clock to answer questions, also provided a lot of security from the very beginning. In addition, all other colleagues were always on hand and took the time to explain things in detail. With the help of regular and targeted development meetings, the familiarization phase and learning success were regularly evaluated. This clearly shows how serious the onboarding of a new employee is taken at Grenzlotsen and that this is not completed after only a few weeks.

In addition, I felt like a full member of the Grenzlotsen team from the very first day. By being directly involved in meetings, I quickly had the feeling of being able to make a difference and being an important part of the company. Since the opinion of each individual is considered important, several perspectives on a given topic automatically emerge, which leads to a variety of possible solutions.


A term I associate with my start with Grenzlotsen is courage:

  • Courage to try new things.
  • Courage to dare to do something.
  • Courage to express your opinion.
  • Courage to keep on growing.
  • Courage to exeed boundaries.


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